Kontrol – One Tool for Everything.

– Eliminates additional testing in V-model
– Saves approx. 60% of development costs
– Complies with ISO/ IEC standards
– No set up fee
– Minimizes waste in V-model development

Prices/ Licenses

Kontrol Freemium

  • Optimizes handling with packages
  • Uses existing tools and automizes assembly software
  • Use your own functionality blocks
  • Automated generation & configuration of the ROS control structure
  • Works with manual coding for the functionality

Kontrol Professional

  • Includes ALL Kontrol Freemium features
  • Designs using open source simulation tools e.g. SciLab
  • ROS functionality is automated using code generation

Kontrol is a fully resourced software system: (coming soon)

Guide for V-model development process

Automated generation of the control structure based on a HARA and/or modelbased design for subsystem and modules

Automated generation of code for the functionality based on model based design

Uses open source simulation tools

Tracking and functionality testing

Automated controller generation

Conforms to safety critical standards

We are looking for strategic partnerships in different industrial areas for the co-development of autonomy kits for different applications in the space of mobile robots, autonomous cars, and UAVs. Based on our experience we can significantly reduce the product development risk and the time-to-market for our strategic partners by developing autonomy kits through the application of Kontrol.

We share the risk with our strategic partners by contributing with technological and financial means.

We provide services for:

– building robot prototypes based on ROS
– integration of different sensors
– sensor fusion
– path planning
– formal verification for systems
– software & hardware development according to several industrial functional safety standards

We provide training for:

– the application of ROS and ROS2
– for the usage of Kontrol
– the introduction of safety-critical standards


Michael Naderhirn

Michael is an award-winning inventor, engineer and entrepreneur working with the mechatronics industry to facilitate the process of product development in robotics.

Günther Wiesauer

Guenther Wiesauer is co-founder of Kontrol. He is an investor who mentors tech start-ups. He is also an executive at S&T —a company that provides businesses with IT solutions.