Kontrol is building software to develop and safely power autonomous vehicles

Our mission is to make autonomous systems safe. To achieve our goal we have acquired a group of experts from different domains who are committed to enabling this technology. We believe in a future where autonomous systems fulfill their given tasks economically without harming humans or livestock. We provide a development toolchain and process called KontrolDev to combine agile model-based and data-driven development with the result of a certifiable software backbone called KontrolEngine which controls autonomous systems safely.

KontrolDev: A toolchain for safety critical software

KontrolDev is a patent pending, agile toolchain to develop certifiable, safety critical software to power autonomous systems. Instead of using traditional development methods KontrolDev uses formal verification to test the design and the code. Furthermore it employs formal system verification to test the correct effect of control functions onto the system. The tools are qualified according safety critical standards, leading to a reduction of the development cost of 50-70%.

KontrolEngine: A Scalable, Modular Software to Power Autonomous Systems

Kontrol’s KontrolEngine software is a patent-pending software which conforms to numerous safety-critical standards (ISO 61508 – generic, DO-178C – aeronautic, IEC 62061/ISO13849 – Industry, ISO26262 – Automotive)) and which is the software backbone to control your autonomous system. The KontrolEngine uses an analytical method to analyze dynamically changing environments and then decides if it is safe to go or not. Either you use deep learning or already have software for perception, mapping, localization, motion planning, decision making to control your autonomous system in dynamically changing environments. The modular design of Kontrol’s KontrolEngine allows you to integrate your software or simply add new functions using KontrolDev. KontrolEngine analytical nature takes advantage of parallel computing and is embedded on a FPGA with a predictable hard real-time performance. This minimizes the energy footprint which is a common problem in current ECUs for e-mobility systems. Think about KontrolEngine as a driver- or pilot license on the chip!


Michael Naderhirn

Michael is an award-winning inventor, engineer and entrepreneur working with the mechatronics industry to facilitate the process of product development in robotics.

Günther Wiesauer

Guenther Wiesauer is co-founder of Kontrol. He is an investor who mentors tech start-ups. He is also an executive at S&T —a company that provides businesses with IT solutions.

Sladana Savanovic

Sladana, a former flight attendant and sales expert, is a seasoned marketing professional who worked for several years in the aeronautic industry. She is responsible for the B2B marketing activities and the safety critical blog of Kontrol.

Simone Winkler

Simone Winkler is an award-winning and NIH-funded Stanford-based scientist and consultant with expertise in advancing diagnostic in medical science.

Join us – We are a team with experts in the fields of functional safety, cyber security, robotics and software. We are looking for self-driven individuals who want to work from anywhere in the world or in our office. We develop agile and live it!

Contact us: info@kontrol.tech