CES 2022

CES 2022

January 17, 2022 Linz

When we first attended CES in January 2020 as a early stage startup, we had no idea that our next visit would be only two years later. Also, little did we know that we had to track statistics that would read “lists of companies pulling away from CES” or “possible CES issue in virtual space”. But eager to see where Kontrols future lies, we were excited to attend CES in person.

This year’s CES was a great kick-off to an optimistic but also uncertain year of 2022, thus, a perfect opportunity to share opinions, ideas, get inspired, have meaningful conversations, and forge new partnerships. One of the best things: We were able to do it all face-to-face. This edition rather targeted a professional audience as not much of a general audience was present.

In the end, what was most important to the entire team was the further confirmation and acknowledgment of our technology by major key stakeholders. In their words: Kontrols solution is future-oriented and will have a significant impact on the overall mobility and robotics market.

Full of drive, we will continue to work on our technology to reach new milestones.
Stay tuned, more news coming soon.