Drones – Product demonstration by Kontrol, HIVE Systems and Spleenlab

Drones – Product demonstration by Kontrol, HIVE Systems and Spleenlab

August 25, 2021 at the Airbus Drone Center in Feilenmoos

The development of three-dimensional mobility is becoming more and more important. The intention was to encourage this further with the help of the product presentation of Kontrol, HIVE Systems and Spleenlab. In addition, all 3 startups had the opportunity to present themselves and their products in front of a selected audience consisting of representatives from politics, business and the press.

The presentation could be attended live on site or online. After a short welcome and the subsequent presentation of the respective products, the startups invited to an open question/answer session. At the final networking session, there was the opportunity to talk individually.

Kontrol focuses on verification of the behavior and motion planning of autonomous systems. Verification is a methodology for mathematically proving the result and correctness of computer algorithms based on predefined specifications. This core technology is considered very relevant in the context of autonomous systems such as vehicles or aircraft. Kontrol’s goal is to develop a technology that increases safety and creates legal frameworks for autonomous vehicles.

HIVE Systems, based in Nuremberg, has developed a drone docking station with the same name. The HIVE is an autonomously operating drone hangar with a special HIVE battery kit. Thereby, the HIVE is suitable for any kind of drones. These can be converted to the HIVE battery pack and are ready for immediate use. The HIVE thus combines a take-off, landing and battery exchange platform: drones are ready for take-off after just three minutes and are equipped with special cameras, sensors or even radar, depending on the application. Possible areas of application for the HIVE include plant security, fire protection, surveys and inspections, as well as environmental protection.

Spleenlab aims to enable safe autonomous flight of drones and air cabs with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and by using different fused sensors such as cameras, laser scanners and radars. Safety-critical applications such as “Sense and Avoid” (collision avoidance) and “Ground Rist Estimation” (ground risk assessment) run in real time directly on the drone. The company works both individually integrative with aviation OEMs, but also completes the portfolio with customizable or pre-configured VISIONAIRY®CUBEs. With AI, the company is developing highly efficient technology applications that enable flight without a pilot or a GPS signal.

The three start-up companies also collaborate with each other on joint projects. For example, Kontrol, HIVE Systems and Spleenlab are collaborating to enable beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight certification. As part of this development, systems are being worked on to avoid collisions in air traffic. This is called “Sense and Avoid Technology” in technical circles.