For all autonomous vehicles currently on the road, or operated in the air as prototypes, the human remains in the loop and fully responsible therefore there is no true autonomy. One primary issue is to acquire a permit to fly or drive from a public authority such as the EASA or FAA for aviation, or the NHTSA, KBA for automotive which can only be based on proof that the automated or autonomous vehicle is in compliance with the relevant regulation e.g.; the traffic act or the rules of the air.

Our technology provides a practical solution for customers. Kontrol can prove the vehicle performs in compliance with law. With Kontrol vehicle certification is possible.


The Kontrol approach is deterministic, and gives transparent boundaries with regard to what is compliant. It is formal human and machine-readable language,
geometric analytic interpretation of text, combined with reachability analysis which gives transparency of reachable/compliant space where a vehicle operates.

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