Independent, secondary safety system in vehicle

  • Real time validation of regulatory compliance
  • Safe and certified vehicles based on independent technology
  • True fail operational

Simulation environment for validation of autonomous systems in the development phase.

  • Enable formal verification during development
  • Reduce costs with early validation in development phase
  • Fully customized rule library



Our Smart Lib technology logically interprets and transforms applicable regulations(e.g. traffic act) into computable code.


The Kontrol Monitor predicts the allowed reachable area for the ego vehicle for the next iteration step. The allowed reachable area is based on the current vehicle state, a physical model of the car, and the boundary conditions, derived from the Kontrol Smart Lib.


The Kontrol Check algorithm compares if a planned vehicle trajectory violates any of the boundary conditions computed by the Kontrol monitor.


The Kontrol EPP is an operational fail safe mode for autonomous vehicles. If the Kontrol Check algorithm detects a violation of the boundary conditions (e.g. rule violation), an alternative trajectory or emergency maneuver can be enforced.


  • Application of Rule-Based Methods – we compute regulatory framework instead of scenarios
  • Mathematical approach to validate decision making – we use advanced mathematics to compute the safety of a vehicles planned trajectory
  • Independent, secondary safety system – Our system runs in parallel to the vehicles trajectory planner, adding an additional safety element
  • Stable Approval Process – We are applying the necessary safety standards in our daily work. Our technology ensures the compliance of autonomous systems to the applicable legal environment