The foundations we build on are the standards and legal frameworks,  including regulations which have ensured safety on the road for 100 years.

We verify that complex systems work within these boundaries and build trust between humans and machines.


Does a vehicle comply with standards of the traffic act or not?

Kontrol can give clear answers.

Kontrol provides feedback to regulators where adaptation is necessary.

Kontrol enables transparency for complex systems to work according to the applicable environment.

What are the strengths of Kontrol?

Translating human legal language in a formal language that a machine can process.

Reachability analysis, compliance check in real-time to validate the decision making of complex systems.

We enable the integration of autonomous or automated systems into the traffic with us. We enable trust in the machine.

Defined indications on how regulations need to be adopted.


We have built our vision into two different products:

The Kontrol KoPilot is safety critical developed and runs in real-time in a vehicle verifying compliance with legislation or specifications.

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The Kontrol KoSim can be used during the development phase to build the ruleset and finetune parameters. It verifies simulation, saves time, money and provides an extensive documentation for certification or authorities.

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Kontrol was founded to ensure compliance and increase the safety of autonomous systems, thereby enabling certification and true autonomy for aviation and ground vehicles.

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Automotive - August 2, 2021
Linzer lernen Fahrlehrer für autonome Fahrzeuge an
Linzer lernen Fahrlehrer für autonome Fahrzeuge an

9000 Kilometer in sechs Wochen – viele Stunden hat Andreas Lauringer seit Anfang Juni hinter dem Lenkrad seines Pkw verbracht. Seine Lieblingsfunktion im aktuellen Fahrzeug? „Der Spurhalteassistent“, sagt der Linzer, der mit Michael Naderhirn die Kontrol GmbH führt.

Automotive - February 7, 2021
Kontrol KoPilot Testdrive
Kontrol KoPilot Testdrive

Experience adherence to road traffic regulations when using Kontrol KoPilot compliance software in Virtual Vehicel’s Automated Drive Demonstrator vehicle.

Aerospace - February 7, 2021
Kontrol KoPilot in the air
Kontrol KoPilot in the air

Equipped with the Kontrol Ko-Pilot software, the UAVs autonomously avoid unforeseen obstacles like other air vehicles or react autonomously to unexpected circumstances.

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